Saturday, 9 March 2013

Yeti used to generate feathers in Ftrack pipeline

I really like this demonstration of using Yetti in production. Swedish VFX company FIDO has made this realistic CG falcon and used new software for Fur and Feathers - Yetti. See how they handled this challenging task making realistic bird:

Yetti website:

Also, the pipeline used at Fido is built on Ftrack. Similar to Shotgun, this is online commercial VFX production and asset management system. They currently offer less features but have also currently lower pricing then Shotgun, which is interesting. See bottom of the same page.
According to ftrack on twitter, they are working on better integration and some publishing tools for common VFX applications like Maya and Nuke and even adding support for RV as review system and Dropbox for storing assets and shots online.

Ftrack website:

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