Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gollum facial rigging

Check this video if you are into face rigging or modelling. Latest Gollum facial (and neck) setup by Weta. And a great emotional performance in the movie. There are more behind the scenes on The Hobbit character rigging and 2-parts demo of the Hulk setup from latest Avengers.

Making of - Gollum - The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey by Weta Digital from on Vimeo.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rage Scorchers: screenshots II and III

More screenshots from Rage DLC Scorchers. Almost every view is worth taking screenshot, I didn`t expect they will make so much new level content and also keep the visual quality of the main game. The IdTech5 and MegaTexture seems to give the level artists very high control of the light and textures. These are also quite rich and unique, probably using huge library of reference and proper concept art before they start. Considering this runs on 60 FPS it is really state of the art game engine.

Scorchers II, Rusty Mansion
Scorchers III, Roulette and Outdoor Bash TV

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rigging in Total Recall presentation

There will be online presentation on 7th february streamed by Escape Studios about Rigging Synth robots for Total Recall and integrating these robots into shots. I will moderate this from our Prime Focus office and if you are interested make sure you register here on Escape Studios website.

Rage Scorchers: screenshots I

So I had a first look at new Rage DLC - The Scorchers. I was a bit sceptical with £5 DLC coming a year after game release, but I found ID have put quite some work into this. The stuff looks amazing so far. It is brand new location added to the game with some good old mutants and some new enemies - clones of Gearhead and Garage gangs. The graphics are gorgeous, amazing work with the light and textures. They use a lot of different clouds of dust and fog low on the ground which helps blending the environment and add more atmosphere. It felt quite bizar having enemies explode into splashes of blood (rocket shells shotgun) in this paradise looking environment with fern flushing lime caves and of course crystal clear stream quietly bubbling next to dead mutant bodies. Therefore the sarcastic name for the first batch of screenshots Welcome to Paradise. There are even some orange mushrooms you can pick and blue ones putting some more colors to your sight for moment :) You are meeting Sarah (really bad animation in the first scene!), sexy chick (as most female NPCs in Rage) who gives you a new weapon, what would you expect ;) Scorchers so far - great looking and fun, looking forward to test the new nail gun (nice ref to Quake).

Sunday, 13 January 2013

FLA interview: AirMech, 2013 FLA album, Delerium

Here is nice recent interview with Bill Leeb and Jeremy Inkel from Front Line Assembly:
It is about how their process of making music has changed, some update on Rhys Fulber and some news for fans of Delerium.
They also talk about work on AirMech album for the game of the same title and how this is different from making album song, also how different it was from making tracks for Quake III Arena. And more... ;)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

AM Nesthorn fast win video

Some nice tactic of blazing fast win on Nesthorn map 1v1 play, performed by MissMinx. This game is over in 3 minutes within Q1 time. Good inspiration for those playing AirMech, real time strategy developped by Carbon Games.