Saturday, 11 January 2020

WASD arrows switch / remap keyboard problem

If you suddenly cannot type A, W, S, D on your keyboard, maybe these keys were actually remapped to arrow keys. This could happen during playing a game.

Most keyboard can fix this if you press [Fn] key and then [w] key holding both pressed. This should switch the mapping of the keys back to letters and arrows.

More in this video here:

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Windows key not working

This can also happen. And I managed to sort it by pressing [Fn] key and then [Windows] key.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Highlight Affected - Maya 2019

Maybe you were wondering why objects wireframe is not pink anymore in Maya 2019 - when this object is not directly selected but it is somehow affected by the selected object(s).

This is called Highlight Affected and is Off by default in Maya 2019. Also you cannot turn it back On in Preferences anymore. This feature was also moved under new menu:

Display > Animation > Highlight Affected

Monday, 21 October 2019

FORGERAPP - nice app for 3d sculpting on iPhone / iPad

 I`m not a modeller, but rigging is very close so this was interesting to see and some cool results from people using this FORGER App.
This demo was done by Alex Huguet. 
The application website:

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Rookies - Introduction to work in VFX

Great FREE to download document - I really recommend for schools, students, 3d animation beginners, people who work in production for VFX and animation.
This was done by the team at ROOKIES.

Download the book:

Here is also link to similar info on Rookies website:

Friday, 23 August 2019

Maya - get FramesPerSecond setting by script

Here is small script snippet to get Maya settinsg for Frames Per Second playback settings. This is actually not straightforward.

Here is example how to get this in python:

import maya.cmds as mc

framesRateInSecondStr = mc.currentUnit( q = True, time = True )
    framesRateInSecondOptions = { 'game':15, 'film':24, 'pal':25, 'ntsc':30, 'show':48, 'palf':50, 'ntscf':60 }
    if 'fps' in framesRateInSecondStr:
        fpsStr = framesRateInSecondStr.replace( 'fps', '' )
        framesRateInSecond = float( fpsStr )
        framesRateInSecond = framesRateInSecondOptions[framesRateInSecondStr]