Monday, 22 October 2012

Doom 3 BFG images

So I`ve played recently through levels of The Lost Mission, from Doom 3 BFG. Some of the visuals where pretty good, still using the idTech4 engine, so I made some screengrabs. The metal surfaces are maybe not the common chat topic, but  I`m sure they stayed in minds of many players of Doom 3 walking through the Mars facilities corridos. The solid and compact look of the objects is very common in ID`s games. It`s interesting how similar style applies to the gameplay, which they alway try to keep simple and straighforward. So here are couple of screenshots at this picassa album:
Doom 3 BFG Progress To Hell

Sunday, 21 October 2012

IronMan 3 teaser

Only link at the mo... looks cool! Can`t wait for the next one.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Doom 3 BFG gameplay


This is one of the first gameplay videos from Lost Mission, brand new mission on fresh released ID software Doom 3 BFG. I was watching part of it and it looks pretty cool. Check out the video (if you can survive the commentary of that guy :-P). Classic anti-demon futuristic action, with a mix of best creatures and weapons from both Doom 3 and mission pack Resurrection of Evil.

It looks like the designers used the existing asset libraries with adding bits and pieces to built new levels with fresh look, keeping its horror elements, but more focused on action. And that reminds the good tradition of classic Doom, which suits pretty well to this All-Doom pack release. Btw. the UI changed from the original version. It seems ID really gave this game some fresh update.

I wonder how the game would look like, if they actually made one of the open-door levels with high towers and vast fields full of demons and approaching robot spiders. But using idTech4.

Maya 2013 DG profiler

I liked this video showing new feature for Autodesk Maya 2013. DG Profiler window will show easy to read information on nodes taking the most performance in scene. I think even for more experienced users, it might not be always clear, what exactly is taking down the speed. I think this is most usefull for riggers, but maybe fx TDs could find this usefull as well and of course generalists.