Thursday, 21 March 2013

Airmech Prime

Some news from the gaming world:

Beta Bundle is over in AirMech, it`s Prime time! A replacement for Beta Bundle offer to AirMech players. Main features are having all current and future airmech classes without buying them for Kudos or Diamonds. Plus ton of diamons 30 day boosts.
Lot of things going on with AirMech, this indie game which is Free to Play and considering its high quality and fun factor, it`s quite amazing. One could say with the strong community and frequent patches, this game is a living element. It`s one of those new games developped along a popular model not as a product, but as a service to players and their community. If you like action strategy or even if never played it, you should give it a go. Best way to get it is on Steam, but it can be downloaded from Chrome too.
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