Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Framestore`s Despereaux

5 page article about making of one of London`s major vfx houses first cg feature Tales Of Despereaux. It has so far earned $65 million in more than 3 weeks being shown on 3600 cinema screens according to boxofficemojo website. It`s official production budget (not final cost) was $60 million so it seems to have paid back so far at least.
Not seen it yet, but the trailer looks great and I hope it`s not the last time Framestore was running cg feature production of this high level.
This is crazy but reminds me a bit my own experience: "... the biggest delivery in one week was 335 shots, with 1,200 shots delivered during the last month of production..."

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

MPC pipeline

after couple of pipeline posts, this one covers R&D of Moving Picture Company (MPC) and also few of its pipeline features, link.