Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Doom 3 BFG Uses Rage Tech, Faster Gameplay Than Original

Link to article on Toms Hardware

Based on this article it sounds like ID Software spent quite some time on tweaking original Doom 3 game. They were even changing some original levels and made the lighting setups brighter. Generally applying their current perspective on how they think the game should look and play. Plus networks code from Rage to improve multiplayer. This is on top of new levels Lost Mission, PS3/Xbox support, 3d glasses support and higher resolution textures (and all original Dooms). The release is now in around 4 weeks - 16.10. in US and 19.10. in Europe.

Here is the full interview with Tim Willits

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rigging DVD for Maya and XSI

If you are learning how to rig a character, in Maya or XSI, you should check out this Rigging Handbook recently made available to buy online. My ex-colleague from MPC, Simon Payne, will guide you through all steps and will also give you valuable insight into production based on his experience in London visual effects studios.
Now available is volume 1 and others are planned to be added with more advanced techniques.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Doom 4 next year?

I have read this speculation and just confirmed as looked at wikipedia. Some speculate and I am joining them, that Doom 4 release date will be December 10, 2013. As first Doom was released on the same day in 1993, it would be 20th anniversary of this ID software`s flag ship game. ...and ideal christmas present for many daddies :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sunday, 2 September 2012

FLA AirMech tracklist

Here is revealed tracklist and cover of new upcoming album AirMech of electro industrial legend Front Line Assembley.
The band and primarily its frontman Bill Leeb were so cool, they agreed to create background tracks for new real time strategy game AirMech when contacted by independent label Carbon Games director James Green. Youtube interview with Green below. You can play AirMech on Chrome browser for free or buy beta bundle on STEAM.
Album is to be released by Metropolis Records on November 13th 2012.

01. AirMech
02. Arise
03. Pulse Charge
04. Prep for Combat
05. System Anomaly
06. Mech Killer
07. Everything That Was Before
08. Lose
09. Burning Skyline
10. Stealth Mech
11. Death Level
12. Prime Empiricism