Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Creature model needed for rigging panel

hello modellers! I am looking for a cool looking creature model (something like the one on the left *) that I would use at CG conference in Prague for my panel on Procedural Rigging which will take place on September 28-29. This can be a good way to show your work to wider audience (name and website would be mentioned). Models can be both stylized or realistic.
Contact: or Jakub K (google+)


* Image above courtesy of Frederik Storm

Monday, 29 July 2013

Rigging Tutorial Volume II

Almost a year ago I have introduced a Rigging Handbook by experienced Creature TD Simon Payne. Now he has released a Volume II of the same series, which focuses on the spine setup and all examples being made in Maya. Link to online shop here.
Here is the post from last year september when Rigging Handbook volume I was released:

Thursday, 25 July 2013

correct facial topology

I often see modellers making face topology which is not right, missing important loops or with wrong edge flow which makes it difficult for sculpting face expression shapes.
This tutorial done by Sergi Caballer shows clearly a good topology and a workflow for adding more detail. Also notice that eyes are closed, which is by my opinion also easier for binding and deformation. This also give you one of the extreme poses - closed eyes - and the line where the eyelids are touching, which can be later modified and offset.
Also notice that number of edges on upper eyelids is the same as the lower eyelids. And same applies for upper and lower lips. This is important for sticky lips/eyelids setup.

Sergi Caballer - Facial Modeling Timelapse 2/3 - FINAL TOPOLOGY from Sergi Caballer Garcia on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013

TD Channel on youtube

And here is another great looking youtube channel with videos about programming and scripting. And there is a lot of videos focused on programming for Maya. Definitely check this out if you are a Maya TD either working in pipeline or for a specific department.

Autodesk learning channel for TDs

This is great channel which is run by Autodesk for learning their products, including Maya. I have found really good videos for making python plugins for Maya starting from a basic level. Even explaining ideal installation of my favourite python IDE, Eclipse.
If you want to learn developing tools for Maya or need to be more efficient as a TD make sure to check out this channel, there might be some useful information for you.

ftrack online pipeline v1.5

Ftrack, which is one of the commercial solutions for online pipeline has recently released new version of its tools.

It looks very promising, as now it is pretty much a plug`n`play installation to get a user working and publishing the work.
The assets published are stored on cloud with no setup needed, although this can be customized as many other parts. Current applications with provided tools are Maya and Nuke. Other applications can be connected as well via ftrack python API.
I think Ftrack is going in good direction providing a cheap pipeline and production tracking solution for smaller teams who can manage all their work online working from home. No need for opening and renting an office spaces somewhere and paying all the bills.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hollenshead leaves ID

After 17 years Tod Hollenshead leaves ID Software. I just found when searching for some ID news. I think this is connected to overall organisation crisis at the company after failing to deliver Doom franchise in time. I was writing a post on this blog a while ago, linking an article from Kotaku. Id Software will hopefully re-organise its team and get more focused on the direction and delivering on a settled deadline. One would think that loosing the burden of developping new engine will make it much easier to make a new game in shorter time. As ID had chosen to use the same idTech5 engine used on Rage for making Doom 4, although with few modifications. It seems even this did not help.