Monday, 10 August 2009


I`ve seen Bolt cg feature now on DVD and it was awesome. Don`t know how previous Disney`s thing (Meet the Robinsons) was doing, but Bolt seems like very good quality both how it`s rendered and animated and the story is also not bad. Eventhough it`s obvious, it`s the dog`s journey back to Hollywood which is interesting and entertaining. Animation is brilliant. I like how weight and softness of that dog is done, but other character are also really good. The cat, Bolt`s friend acts very real and also the TV show`s manager got my attention from first scene. The perfect timing and facial expressions. And I shouldn`t forget fatty hamster and incredibly stylized pigeons.
The scenes and effects are created in high quality, there wasn`t time I`d say, this is missing texture or this shadow looks weird. The fur of animals and overall lighting of scenes was done really well. Also lower detail cloth simulation on human costumes again adds to make things more believable, even in the cartoon world.
Now boxoffice-wise the revenue ratio was 1:2. Production cost 150 million dollars (quite high) and it made almost 300 worldwide. Opening weekend was weak, 26 m. dollars (Wall-E 63 m.). It might have been marketing, who knows. Still I`d say, not super-original, but really nice movie.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

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