Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens - again

there`s nice article about Dreamworks process of doing good stereoscopic images and also about the rigging and fx behind the movie`s characters (from page 2).

Sunday, 29 March 2009


my main website is down. It`s due to big data traffic. It will be back in april ;)

but good news is on this blog anyone can comment to the posts and whole blog is now in english.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens in IMAX

so, I`ve seen Dreamwork`s Monsters Vs Aliens movie in Imax cinema. It looked fantastic! I can imagine it wouldn`t be so good without the 3rd dimension. You just feel much closer to those guys almost like you can touch them and also feel the big scale of things. Especially with giant and small proportioned characters in this movie, it was really magical. It might all sound obvious as it`s IMAX afterall, but I`ve seen Beowulf in IMAX and it wasn`t as exciting being 3D as this one. Maybe because Monsters Vs Aliens is cartoony movie and it was more fun to feel standing next to giant foot of Susan or flying along with Insecto around huge alien spacecraft. Also it looks like people have learned a bit more about how to use this technology.
Good stuff!!
p.s. Pixar`s UP is supposed to be stereoscopic too, and actually first movie of this kind from Pixar, so let`s see in june (prem. is may 29)

Thursday, 19 March 2009

online czech game Samorost

By accident I found this game Samorost2. It`s flash online game adventure and won couple of awards. Very simple point and click, but quite fun and a bit dark atmosphere. You are small guy (dwarf?) looking for his dog on a small planet full of creatures, corridores, old pipes and rusty fridges. What gets me the most is the design. The hand-drawn style combined with real images in very original way makes a detailed world, that feels like small scale, somewhere out of our reality. Each level has its music that fits to the environment and makes the right mood for it. Sometimes it sounds like some ambient work of Nine Inch Nails... really cool.
I found that the company Amanita Design has recently got 2 nominations: British BAFTA and Excellence in Visual Art from IGF. Even more surprising was that one of their collaborators is my favorite artist Adolf Lachman!
And now my friend told me they are really famous in online game stuff for long time already. Well, at least I found them now! :)