Sunday, 3 March 2013

Alkay in development of new CG feature

After sucessfull delivery of their first full CG feature film "Ctyrlistek" ("Quarterfoil"), Prague based animation production Alkay is in development of new film. With well known czech producer Ondrej Trojan they work on "Lichozrouti" (tricky to translate, "Sockeaters"?). The art design looks very interesting and non-hollywod-like. This is what I like behind this, it`s more like czech traditional puppet movie. What can be the challenge is the conversion to 3d rendered characters. The puppets include soft hairy cloth and sometimes dense medium long hair. The faces look very stylized and cartoony needing other setup then a classic human FACS based layout. There is some concept art already on their website along with the first animation/lookdev test:

I should also mention that Alkay is hiring for this production (not sure if relocation to Prague and EU working VISA is required for all positions):
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