Friday, 26 September 2008

Bohemian 3D, 17.-22.11 Prague, Czech Republic

animation workshops with guests like Isaac Kerlow and Kyle Balda (animation mentor, ILM, PIXAR)

porn & animation

porn video with animation layered over, very funny!

first 3d animation school in Czech Republic

Apart from old style animation or multimedia universities in Czech Republic there is now SPAFi Animation Academy in Prague for learning Maya and related software which opened 25.9. with software support by Autodesk.
It offers 3 different courses ranging from
6 weeks for 3290 EU ~ 81.000 Kc to 12 weeks 5690 € ~ 140.000 Kc.

I think it can be quite expensive for a czech student, but maybe attractive for those coming from abroad as they are cheaper than competition. Although the quality of courses will probably be lower level as well.

For comparison:
Gnomon School "Maya Fast Track" 9 weeks $9425 ~ 6870 € ~ 170.000 Kc
Escape Studios `most courses` 12 weeks £8500 ~ 10.633 € ~ 260.000 Kc
(online) Animation Mentor "Class 1" 12 weeks $3000 ~ 2210 € ~ 54.600 Kc

Gnomon and Escape are more expensive but they offer instructors of very high level and high chance of getting hired in top industry studios. Also Gnomon and Escape names are well known schools.
Also Gnomon together with Animation Mentor offer
online courses with feedback from instructors at even cheaper prices.
The advantage of Spafi Animation Academy could be czech language of some instructors for czech students. But as mentioned, it`s mainly lower price of lessons for students who could consider Gnomon and similar schools. Also lower expenses taking lessons in Prague and not having to travel far compared to London area or U.S.

It`s a first school of its kind in Czech Republic - good luck!

Monday, 8 September 2008

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity

nice article written by Ed Catmull, Pixar/Disney executive. I think it`s worth reading for anyone who is interested in 3d animation production, studio management and human recources.