Saturday, 25 June 2011

first concepts from Pixar`s Brave

As this blog is also about animated features, I`m joining with adding latest uncovered concepts from new Pixar`s project Brave. Personaly I love it, it would be the first medieval/magic theme film from this studio. And I guess as  DreamWorks already made bunch of Shreks, they want to have a shot in similar direction as well. Taken from this article.

Film Studios in Zlin, Czech Republic expanding with help from EU

Film studios in Zlin which date back to 30`s of last century famous for making high quality classic animation and movies for kids are going to enlarge and refurbish its facilities area. Donation from EU of 2,6 million Euro (64 mil. Kc) will be part of 32,8 million Euro (800 mil. Kc) investment. The rest will be covered by councils and investors.

In 4 years plan, studios are going to convert into "film town" with attractions for visitors and more facilities for filmmakers and its existing film school.

more in czech article:

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Monday, 20 June 2011

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Programming, ......

passing along... :)

Programming manifesto


First Class ...of stupidity!

YouTube - John Lasseter talks about his Hawaiian shirt collection

Now that`s some slightly disturbing video with John Lasseter - his hawaian T-shirt obsession. I guess every wife would appreciate, as there are all kinds of worse obsessions! :-p

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Core Skills of VFX - Skillset

Skillset VFX Handbook was issued (with help of Double Negative`s Managing Director Alex Hope).

The Core Skills of VFX - Skillset

I have briefly read through and it looks like great (I would say MUST read) for all artists interested in working in film visual effects.
I have made a similar PDF in czech language (v1.0 in 2006) and aimed more at czech/slovak artists, so it`s great there is something general and in english.