Thursday, 25 July 2013

correct facial topology

I often see modellers making face topology which is not right, missing important loops or with wrong edge flow which makes it difficult for sculpting face expression shapes.
This tutorial done by Sergi Caballer shows clearly a good topology and a workflow for adding more detail. Also notice that eyes are closed, which is by my opinion also easier for binding and deformation. This also give you one of the extreme poses - closed eyes - and the line where the eyelids are touching, which can be later modified and offset.
Also notice that number of edges on upper eyelids is the same as the lower eyelids. And same applies for upper and lower lips. This is important for sticky lips/eyelids setup.

Sergi Caballer - Facial Modeling Timelapse 2/3 - FINAL TOPOLOGY from Sergi Caballer Garcia on Vimeo.
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