Saturday, 11 May 2013

Star Wars production set to UK

BBC informs of what is amazing news for UK or rather London based VFX industry.

Shooting locations where confirmed to take place in studios around London. Leavesden, Shepperton, Pinewood and others are on the list.
This pretty much makes ILM setting up their new facility in London a certain thing. But it seems that maybe even more jobs will be created for live action shoot and practical effects. This is great for many UK based proffesionals who used to work on Harry Potter series before.
What is also a question, if Disney or ILM will outsource work to other vendors as well. A movie like Star Wars can have at least 1500 visual effects shots, many of them being also very challenging. This might not be with all other projects going at ILM fitting the capacity and could end up at other vendors as well...

Taken from the article comments: "Powerful, the tax break incentive is..."  :)
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