Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ILM London considered

The possibility of ILM London division has been mentioned again. This is in connection with a production of new Star Wars film sequels which will take huge amount of CG artist and facility resources. The Singapore and Vancouver offices are probably busy already. One of the reasons for considering London is obviously infamous tax subsidies, but we need to add that there is also large amount of CG artist talent pool quite easy to find. It might be a tide in of many who had to leave DNEG and Framestore and most recently Cinesite, which had large layoffs including HOD positions (head of department). And also nice breeze of employer competition as the legendary name will attract lot of talent both junior and senior.
The article also mentions that headquarters stay in San Francisco and the size of the team there will not be reduced in favour of possible London branch.
Possible location according to different sources could be Docklands, near Canary Wharf. I guess this is due to high rent prices in Soho.

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