Sunday, 25 November 2012

Čtyřlístek - trailer

Here is latest trailer for 3d animated cell shaded movie from czech production Ctyrlistek, which in english means Quarterfoil. It is about 4 classic characters from old but well known (in Czech Republic) hand drawn kid comic book. Director of this movie is Michal Zabka, who has plenty of experience with making puppet animated characters for  short movies (winning on international festivals), TV commercials including Vodafone chamelleons and TV 3d animated series Prasatka, which means Little Pigs. This is his first full CG feature and third made by czech production. Previous two were Goat Story and Goat Story with Cheese from director Jan Tomanek with AAA Studio.
Ctyrlistek production is based in animation studio ALKAY, which did Prasatka as well as many TV commercials with 3d characters. I think choosing cell shaded look helped to make the production a bit cheaper and gain from the consistent look.
There is also another 3d character animation in czech production, which is called Nejmensi Slon na Svete (The Smallest Elephant in the World) made by Eallin Animation and co-produced by Czech TV.
Interesting to mention is that all these productions are using Maya pipeline.

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