Saturday, 10 November 2012

AirMech launches open beta on Steam | VentureBeat

Mechs never looked so pretty as AirMech launches open beta on Steam | VentureBeat:

Here is nice article about AirMech, free to play Action Strategy game for PC and Chrome browser. Some interesting background info about how Carbon Games (makers of Airmech) were founded and their view on independent game making compared to big publishers: "We are proving that the old publisher model is broken. Six people in a room can make a game played by people all over the world" (James Green, Carbon Games co-founder). Also according to the this article, AirMech has to date 420.000 beta testers. That is pretty good for an indie strategy game!

And if you are playing AirMech, you might be interested that there will be Open Beta Tournament on 27.november!
The tourney will be live-streamed by McSploosh on

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