Saturday, 28 July 2012

Minimo VFX

A new visual effects studio Minimo VFX was founded in Barcelona, Spain by a couple of industry veterans. Their focus is building 3d character assets up to film quality level and also external supervision, pipeline design and previz. One of the most recent projects of the founders was big budget movie John Carter, featuring numbers of full CG characters interacting with real actors.

The focus of the company is similar to recently founded California based studio Creature Art and Mechanics.  This type of bussiness model is fairly new as it only offers part of the product and it might become new trend if succesull, opposed to full service of the most studios. Afterall, cars building factories also use service of other vendors, getting front panels built in one country, while electronic board made in another and then assembling it all together ;)

Btw. did you know, if you shuffle few letters, you get "MIMINO", which in czech means little baby ;)
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