Monday, 2 July 2012

3d film editing based on game engines

I have just watched this beta version of Source Filmmaker, 3d interactive editing and animation tool from well known game company Valve Software.

This reminds me Autodesk also added built-in 3d editor called Camera Sequencer for Maya 2011:
This also can import Final Cut Pro edit file to start from a reference sequence. Although I`ve never used it, it seems to offer pretty much the same basic features - 3d environment using Viewport 2.0 with directX, camera/shot sequence and character body/facial animation (using any rig and animation tools in Maya).
Although for those who are not owning Maya license, Source Filmmaker and similar tools could be a price alternative.
And this adds to general trend today where gaming software starts to offer some use in broadcast and film industry as well. Like recent release of CryEngine Cinebox environment for public use (supports alembic geometry cache, OpenEXR, FBX etc.) and cinematic quality interactive renderer Unreal Engine 4 from Epic (which is so far only as a game dedicated engine).
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