Sunday, 14 November 2010

Despicable Me

Saw this a while ago and I really enjoyed it. So I think it should get its post here. Contains parts of the story, in case you haven`t seen it!

First I didn`t expect much as the trailer seemed quite simple - an evil guy with lot of gadgets and couple of gags. But the little girls were the best element of the story. I would say playing similar note as Pixar`s Monsters Inc. It was really fun and touching to see how the villain changes his life priorities after the three girls enter his life.
Also each character was performed really well, with lots of detail in the behaviour. The scenes were just believable. Even the overacted gags were still balanced and making sense. The little yellow guys were brilliant, even though I was thinking it was just stupid from the trailer. In the movie they were awesome. Especially shopping mall sequence when they go buy the unicorn toy. Generally this was great comedy with lots of ideas taken from real life. Even though this was not made in major studio they have reached high quality of comedial and emotional performance of such as Dreamworks or Pixar.

The production story is no less interesting. Chris Meledandri who was executive producer on many Blue Sky movies (Ice Age,..., Horton Hears Who) started up his own production company and needed to find a studio capable of making A quality commercial cg feature. To cut it short he settled with Parise-based studio Mac Guff. They previously made a feature that already looked pretty good - Dragon Hunters. They also had a working character animation pipeline including Asset Management system, according to another producer Janet Healy [1]. The studio is already working on another feature Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (see the producer connection here with Dr.Seuss' Horton Hears Who done in Blue Sky).

So also taking the fact, this wasn`t one the top established studios, again, job well done!
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