Monday, 30 August 2010

ILM new website

I just found that ILM has a new website (finally!). All Flesh, and has some interesting info to browse through. I like the "Timeline", where ILM shows its achievements in time order, year by year. For example about development of Ambient Occlusion (I didn`t know this was originally ILM R&D..):

ILM developed Ambient Occlusion in an effort to produce a greater level of realism for the CG imagery in Pearl Harbor than had ever been produced before. By providing accurate shadowing and directional lighting information Ambient Occlusion allows renderers to create realistic and efficient lighting effects. Since it's development, the technique has become widely used in the field of computer graphics. In 2010, ILM was recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences with a Sci-Tech Award for the role that Ambient Occlusion has played in advancing the art of computer graphic in the nine years since its development."
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