Thursday, 2 April 2009

Autodesk Maya 2009 service pack

here is the page for downloading and below the details of the release:

I`ve picked some notes interesting for riggers:

Preserve Child Transform added to Rotate and Scale marking menus
You can now select the Preserve Child Transform option from the Rotate ('E' +
the left mouse button) and Scale ('R' + the left mouse button) marking menus.
When this option is selected, moving a parent object does not move its children.

MayaPluginWizard now works with Maya 2009
The MayaPluginWizard has been updated to work with Maya 2009.

Importing a .obj with Create Multiple Objects on
In previous versions of Maya, importing a .obj file with the Create Multiple
Objects option turned on rearranged the vertex order of the meshes. This has
been fixed.

Locking rotateOrder attribute no longer locks its rotate attributes
In Maya 2009, attempting to lock a transform's rotateOrder attribute also
locked the individual rotation attributes (X, Y, Z) as well. This has been fixed.

Error when opening Maya Muscle Spline window
A problem with the Muscle Spline window has now been fixed. You can select
Muscle > Bonus Rigging > Create Muscle Spline to open the Muscle Spline
window and set up a spline rig as expected.

Using curve influence objects with the wrap deformer
A problem that caused unexpected deformations when using curve influence
objects for the wrap deformer has been corrected. You can now use curves to
deform surfaces with the wrap deformer as expected.
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