Wednesday, 8 April 2009

about Pixar`s UP

first comments about next Pixar film from inside the studio, mostly accenting that movie was generated as 3d (stereoscopic) and how it will take the story even further.
I thought Monsters Vs Aliens looked great. Let`s see how UP will be doing. As Pixar was always ahead with image quality I`m really curious this time. Maybe even more than about the story. That seems a bit linear, grandpa (the serious one) and annoying/cute boy go for adventure and meet bad guy with his robotic dogs. But it might turn out as a nice surprise, as it was with KungFu Panda or Over the Hedge. Actually Dreamworks have succeed a lot with their 3d animated comedies. Have to say that I wasn`t laughing so much on Rat. and Wall-E.
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