Thursday, 5 February 2015

Maya copy paste skin weights

So for those who didn`t know about this shortcut - there is very useful function for Copy Pasting skinCluster weights. It needs one vertex selection to read skin weights, then press Ctrl + Alt + c.
Then select other vertices (ideally on the same mesh, but it can be other mesh, just make sure you have the same influence on it) and press Ctrl + Alt + v.

Pretty usefull for putting your desired influence weight mix to other vertex selection, which would otherwise be quite difficult. It is also a way of making certain part of the skin look rigid. Like big scales of the dragon or to maintain clothes edges together.

This website contains this shortcut and also many others you might find useful:

If you are interested further, it is using a function in a script MAYA_FOLDER/scripts/others/findSkinClusterFromSelectedComponent.mel

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