Wednesday, 4 December 2013

MPC goes for site license of Fabric Engine : Splice

Leading VFX vendor Moving Picture Company recently went into full site license deal for 3d tools development platform from Fabric Engine. Software under name Splice API is a commercial solution for application independent development of tools like Real Time Renderer, Geometry Deformers, Animation Solvers, Procedural Geometry Generation, Crowd Simulation and others. Package offers python scripting and compilable yet simple language KL which allows developpers and TDs to focus on the algorithms and not worry about memory and compilation issues. Fabric Engine has developped its own compilers and aims to support seamless GPU support using the same code. Performance is one of the main focuses of this development platform. Ultimately Splice API can bring down costs of high end tools development which is either not viable for many studios or costly for others maintaining teams of programmers often developping the same tools in every studio only to get the basic libraries with profit in production as longer term goal. Fabric Engine developped a software which could change that. Press release is below:

Fabric Engine & MPC Global Site License interview from Fabric Engine on Vimeo.
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