Thursday, 14 February 2013

Visual effects industry crisis

Well I took some time to add a post about this one as the network is full of comments and articles on the topic of today`s uneasy times of visual effects vendors. I agree with opinion that the bussines model needs a significant change. Vendors have always been divided by the bidding war, which would always be a benefit not for any of them, but for film studios. But from the beginning most of them would always loose film revenue profits while investing as well and often have to argue to get a place in film final credits. In contrast to a fact that all high grossing films were built on visual effects and would not attract the audiences without them: Avatar, Titanic, Avengers, Harry Potter, Transformers, Alice in Wonderland etc. (source: boxofficemojo). And while these titles made all over billion dollars, in contrast to this creators behind the "the magic" are fighting for survival between jobs and some are already gone.
And to add something positive, the demand for visual effects content in film is actually higher then ever before. Also this article is not about to blame film studios, who will always try to get lowest price.

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