Friday, 13 April 2012

Battleship visual effects

Today I saw this movie about an alien attack from the sea, where small group of U.S. Navy soldiers take on the challenge to fight against a very advanced enemy from space.
I didn`t expect deep filosophical thoughts, just some good scifi action and the movie matched it. ILM made a great job on this one, with amazing water simulations, destructions, digital environments and of course the amazing renders of alien battleships and aliens matchmoved into the shots, the same way as seen in Pirates of Caribean. All made up to the quality seen in Transformers or Iron Man, even with such a high number of visual effects shots. This is not only showing good tools that artists have available, but also powerfull pipeline calibrated for hundreds of shots, each one of varying complexity.
I also should add that ILM wasn`t the only studio working on this (same with Transformers where DD has taken big share), there were Double Negative, Scanline and others. Full list is provided by Cinefex online (who will have an article on this production in their summer issue in May):

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