Wednesday, 7 July 2010

installing Maya under Ubuntu

so I`m just installing Maya under my new Ubuntu 10.04 x86_64. I went for 64bit because Autodesk Maya downloads for linux are only as 64bit. This way I could get the latest HotFix2 version.
Now, as complete linux newbie for installing things and such I had no idea how to install Maya. I was trying to run some setup.exe etc.. Then I found this great tutorial, thanks to blurymind for this (lower on the page).
And here`s another one, but first one I find better.
Probably the most basic thing for installing stuff - Ubuntu is using debian packages, but you get Maya as rpm (RedHat). This has to be converted to debian first.

I could see more user-friendly way, sort of wizard that would do all this for you and maybe comment on what it is doing. This is were Windows still do better job in getting more home desktop users, as most people will not be so patient and/or technically skilled. And I do it just to get more linux skilled and don`t like how Windows are heavy and hardware drivers always break.

here is Autodesk support page for installing Maya. Not helpful if you are on Ubuntu.
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