Tuesday, 29 June 2010

hello from Ubuntu!

Just installed this favourite Linux distro and started looking around...
Installation was done from the "live cd" of Ubuntu (got it with LinuxUser mag). This was a demo of how Ubuntu would work and it installed very quickly. Also no drivers were needed in hand. It just worked and I could connect to my wifi, check the emails or find my printer. It recognized all my hardware during installation. Great, no hassle with drivers!

Then I could run installation of the real Ubuntu from a pre-made shortcut on the desktop. Again, very easy and about 2 steps to start installation. Disk partitioning tool included and all in very nice interface as it was running from the Ubuntu system already.

The startup takes less time then Windows and the whole UI feels more simple and easier to find things. Menus are organized really well, easy to find settings or run some application. I also like the amount of all free software (via Ubuntu Software Center menu) not mentioning the whole OS.

For those who like to script, there are linux shells and many ways to customize your system. For TDs planning to work in film, Linux is used a lot in vfx pipelines so it can be useful to get more familiar with it.
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