Thursday, 1 April 2010

Zemeckis to establish new studios in Czech Republic

After the announcement of planned closing of ImagemoversDigital, there are big news about radical change of Robert Zemeckis new plans for his future bussiness. It was found by czech State Scientific Institute DNA Division that Zemeckis is family relative to famous czech animator Hermina Tyrlova.
More surprisingly, after he found out, he started aquiring properties in the industrial zone near Prague. Today he made it clear he wants to connect upon traditions of Tyrlova stop motion animation style in a grand scale and establish a new TyrloZemeckMovers studios that should produce 3D sequels to her film Ferda Mravenec, Micek Flicek and others. The size of studio should be around 1200 employees and 2 full feature length movies per year are planned. The rights are being aquired from Ondrej Sekora`s (Ferda Mravenec children book author) family today as well.
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