In case you haven`t played it yet, AirMech is great Action Real Time Strategy game from indie developper Carbon Games. This game is actually FREE to PLAY on PC from Steam or their website. I became their fan and have played hours and hours since august 2012 in Beta Bundle. It reminds me Command&Conquer and people say it is similar game type as Dota 2. But it takes less time for either side to win and end the game (average 20 minutes). I managed to loose in just 8 minutes once... (ouch!).

There are lot of strategy tips and game info here:

If want to give this game a try and earn some in-game money (Kudos), you can tag me as your referral by typing "syntetik" to Social : Referalls game tab. You will be rewarded 1000 kudos.

I think that I should mention the music for this game is being done by Front Line Assembley (electro industrial legends from Canada). They did also music for Quake III Arena btw. This is how I heard about AirMech, because I went to (FLA fan page). Currently there is already FLA track playing before you start the game. Below are some snippets of other tracks to be added to the game as well:
Also, AirMech soundtrack will be released as a separater FLA album, but together with the game (and special code for custom pilots designed as band members, very cool!!).

AirMech gameplay intro for new players:

captured gameplay from AirMech (3v3 players):

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